Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer packages & what is included?

Our packages start with the property for 12 hours exclusively. It also includes chairs, tables and a barn full of props and items too many to list. Our experienced staff handles set up and break down, in addition to providing guest assistance throughout the day. You’ll enjoy the use of our many picture perfect spaces throughout the property, including a gorgeous bridal suite, festive groom’s barn, open air pavilion, string-lit pool area and dramatic front yard ceremony space.

What’s your rain plan?

The short answer – we utilize the pavilion for the ceremony if it happens to rain right at that exact moment and we can’t delay the ceremony time any longer. In the 6 years we’ve been doing this (300+ weddings), we’ve had a grand total of 10 weddings in the pavilion. Want to know why? Because we’re prepared! We come up with a Plan B  layout for the pavilion. On the day of the wedding, we will set up the ceremony as planned in the front but we will also have Plan B ready to go in the pavilion if needed.  Because we have two plans going, we don’t make the call to switch the ceremony to the pavilion until the very last minute.  This way, if its clear, you’re going out that front door! I could show you several rain weddings and you would not realize it because we made sure to get tons of photos outside whenever it was clear to do so.

When will I have my rehearsal?

Our rehearsals happen on the day of the wedding, without the bride and groom. This saves you from making a separate trip out to Front Porch the night before.  We’ll gather your bridal party at the house and guide them through where to walk and stand as well as any special jobs they may have. What about the two of you?  No problem! By the time of your wedding day, you will have finalized ceremony plans with your Officiant and we will have reviewed these details thoroughly with you during one of your visits. Don’t worry about last minute jitters – our Directors and the Officiant will be there every step of the way to guide you.

How far is Front Porch Farms from Nashville?

Just 40 minutes from Nashville, Front Porch Farms is the perfect country retreat to have a true Tennessee Southern Wedding while still giving your guests a taste of Music City for the rest of their visit. It’s the best of both worlds!  There are only 4 turns from I-40 to our road. Because we do a lot of destination weddings with out of town guests, we work with shuttle companies to get great rates for couples who want to treat their guests to a ride from their hotel and back.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

We include our in-house bartenders in the package as well as alcohol insurance for you.  As for the alcohol, we will work with you to provide in the package or give you various options for bringing in the alcohol. No price per head or drink here!

Do you have preferred caterers?

We work with a wonderful collection of very talented caterers to create the best package for you in a variety of styles and budgets in mind.  Six years and hundreds of weddings have gone into creating our master list of trusted names. These guys are going to show up on time, provide impeccable service and dish out some of the best menus your guests have ever seen! We keep this list to protect you from having a bad experience.

I’m from out of town. How do I plan my event from afar?

Maybe it’s because Tennessee is centrally located in the states or because Nashville’s one of the hottest cities in America right now but we get a lot of destination weddings at Front Porch. Planning with long distance couples is almost identical to planning with local ones. We keep a detailed Google Document that has all of your design details, vendor information, schedule and tons of other interesting tid bits. Since we can both update the document and see the most current version in real time, it’s easy to communicate and fill in details as they are finalized.  We will do regular phone calls as needed and set up a comprehensive day of meetings as needed when you are able to come in for a visit.  My former clients traveled the country on tour so communicating long distance is quite simple for me and tools like Pinterest & Google help us both keep track of the visuals.

What am I allowed to bring for decorations?

If you have a specific vision that only your things can realize, then bring them along. But with a wall full of free decorations and endless rentable props, you don’t have to bring a thing!