Front Porch Farms
A Southern Love Story
The history of Front Porch Farms is deeply rooted in our love story.  I first met Brian at the firehall where he works as a Nashville firefighter and our deep friendship quickly grew into something more.  While we were dating, Brian frequently came to my rescue making repairs on the old house I was living in.  He swore he would build me a new “old house” so he wouldn’t have to constantly repair it.

In 2003, as we were driving through the countryside (something we loved to do), we came across this beautiful expanse of land that took our breath away.  After seeing the view from the top of the hill, I knew this was it. We bought it and six months later, with our close family and friends, we gathered under the big oak tree with our three boys (and friends children as attendants) to become husband and wife.

A tornado struck our area the next year and after many months of clean-up (hundreds of trees), Brian fulfilled his promise and built the dream home I had always wanted; In fact, many nights the sunsets create the illusion of “Tara” from the movie Gone With The Wind my favorite movie.

I had a vision of raising a big family filled with the chaos of our kids and all their friends coming and going.  I experienced this with my grandparents who were always growing, cooking or raising something. We gathered there every weekend and it was an adventure. I realized with my PR job, I traveled too much and the kids were not home enough between the blended family obstacles and our work schedules.  We almost sold the place but thankfully God gave me the answer like HE always does.

Why not share our home with others and make a living at the same time? On a whim, we did a bridal show and pulled decor from our house to showcase. Immediately, we landed bookings and were off and running.  After planning Blake and Miranda’s wedding, I quickly had to close my PR business and do event planning full time.

But I got what I wished for – lots of chaos and the kids work regularly.  Katie absolutely loves watching the romantic ceremonies under the tree. We may not grow crops like my grandparents did but hopefully we are growing something way more lasting and memorable – and for me, I can’t think of a better adventure…chaos and all. Just what I dreamed of and more!!

2017 is our 8th wedding year, we hope to celebrate it with you!