Rain, Rain, Go Away! – Jenny + Brandon

When talking with our couples or inquisitive brides, we are often asked “What happens if it rains on our wedding day??” For many people this is a huge concern when planning an outdoor wedding. This past spring, Nashville had more than it’s share of rain weekends.  At Front Porch Farms, we have quite a bit of experience knowing what to do when that happens.  Our staff can easily move a ceremony & guests to the pavilion in a moments notice, dry off chairs, reset tables & decor, hand out umbrellas to guests – even dry a soaked groomsman’s clothes in no time just before the ceremony!

Jenny & Brandon had one of those rainy wedding days but as you can see from the gorgeous photos shot by Amber or Lotus Blossom Photography, our staff along with their friends and family worked together to make a memorable and fun-filled day.

Their ceremony was a perfect reflection of their unique, laid back style as a couple. The reception was filled with an eclectic mix of bright colors, elegant tea cups, and their favorite novels. Rain or shine- Jenny and Brandon were just excited to be husband and wife! We are sharing some photos and afterthoughts from the bride. Despite the strong winds and heavy storms it was a “happily ever after” day.


What do you remember most about the day or what was your favorite part?

Jenny: The most memorable part is probably the rain, or actually the monsoon. It completely started pouring right after our first look and continued on all the way through to our ceremony. The reception area was absolutely stunning. The ceremony space was breath taking. Lanterns in the trees, lights, books, teacups all of it was perfect. The rain came and left around six inches of water. Everyone worked so hard. They got everything to safety and got all the water up. I don’t know how they got the reception space redecorated, but it was stunning all over again.
My favorite part actually wasn’t photographed or caught by anyone. My husband and I took a bottle and two glasses and went and had a toast together by the pool. It was so wonderful to have a moment that was just ours, and to be able to just step back a min and truly experience this monumental chapter in our story together.

What inspired your theme/decor?

J: Brandon and I love to read. We are huge readers, and thankfully we love similar types. We also tea over coffee kinds of folks. So when someone asked what our theme was I said “Literary!” A lot of the teacups, pots, and books we already had and we liked how it all looked together.

Anything details that were unique or special to you?

J: We wanted our day to be laid back, fun, and completely true to ourselves. I didn’t wear shoes during the ceremony because I love being barefoot. We both wore converses and have worn them several times since. We had our officiant hold Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened to the chapter The Unbreakable Vow during the ceremony. I wore my grandmother’s dress and lace that she and my mother both wore. It seemed like good luck since they have been married 51 years and my parents 28.

Any thoughts on wedding planning services or in-house floral design?

J: The flowers were so beautiful- I loved them so much! I wanted a sort of wild flower theme to go with my Mad Hatter’s tea party. (I actually plan to get a tattoo inspired by the flowers) Can not say how much I loved them enough!
[Front Porch Farm]’s services were fantastic. I appreciated the willingness to help make decisions that I couldn’t decide on. I really trusted the opinion and style of everyone involved. So I didn’t have to sweat the details. I knew they would have my back and make everything perfect and wonderful.

How did you and Brandon meet?

J: Brandon and I met through Tyler Elms, the Best Man, and his now fiancee Jessie Richards, a Bridesmaid. Jess and I met freshman year of college and became friends almost immediately, so I’ve known her and Tyler about five years. Tyler suggested Brandon and I meet, thinking we’d be a good match. After about a month of talking, we finally met in person. Brandon was in the Marine Corp at that time, and would be for another two years. I knew I was in trouble when he took me long boarding at this cool place on Base. I am not any good at long boarding, and have not improved. After successfully going forward about 10 ft. I over corrected and felt myself falling. I had already accepted my fate of biting it on the asphalt. I played rugby on the UT women’s team I was used to hard impacts. Then, to my complete surprise, I didn’t hit the ground. I look up and see Brandon grinning down at me having caught me about two ft. from the ground. All I could do was laugh. Yeah folks, I literally fell for him, and have every day since.

[Vendors: Venue, Planning, Floral Design- Front Porch Farms ; Photography- Lotus Blossom Photography ; Catering- Mrs. J’s ; H/MU- Natalie C, Emily Medley, Allison Seiple; Cake- Megalicious Cakes ; Bridesmaid’s Dresses- David’s Bridal ; Music- Mad Dog ; Photo Booth- Let’s Booth It ]


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