Love Story: Shannon & Chris


How you met:

Chris and I met our freshman year of high school:) I had been going to our school since 3rd grade, but he was the newbie with his arm in a sling from a motocross accident that all the girls wanted! There were three girls that were really itching to catch his attention, me being one of them. So we forced him to decide and I won!! Little did I know that 11 years later he would become my husband!!! The best thing about marrying him is that I am marrying by absolute BEST friend, the friend that has been through every moment of my life since I was 13! Chris doesn’t know me because he heard stories or saw pictures, he knows about me because he was there for all those special times, good and bad. And still loves me just as much! I am BEYOND excited to finally be able to call him my husband and start making new memories!

How he proposed:

Chris was SO sneaky!! He had enlisted not only the help of HIS mother, but also my mother AND sister to help pick out my ring, which I had no idea about! He proposed to me on Dec. 22, 2009 in our house late at night, just the two of us. It was perfect!! We were in our front room where the Christmas tree was the only lighting. He sat me down in our big fluffy chair all cuddled up with a blanket and told me he was going to let me have a present early because he couldn’t wait any longer. Of course I was very excited to get my “present”. He hands me a tiny bag that doesn’t weight anything. I open it and inside is a hand-written letter telling me how much he loves me. And at the end it says, I only have one more question for you. By this point I’m crying and looking down at the letter so I don’t even realize that he’s already on his knee with the ring. :) It was absolutely amazing.

Why Nashville and/or Front Porch Farms:

We both grew up in Cross Plains, TN, which is about a small of a town as possible. It was a great place to be a kid. Our mothers let us walk from school across town to get a milkshake at Thomas Drugs and never had to think twice about anything happening to us. It’s the kind of place we want to raise our own family some day. When I graduated college and accepted a job in Nashville it wasn’t realistic for me to make an hour and 15 minute drive in and out of town, on a good day, anymore. So we decided we needed to move a little closer into town, which makes us miss “home” everyday. When we started our venue searching and came across Front Porch Farms it was EXACTLY what we wanted, “home”! It just feels good to be there, with all the beauty around. And what better way to start our new life together than in a place that will bring a smile to both of our faces. WE’RE SO EXCITED!!!

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