Ginger & Chuck – Sept. 25, 2011

Ginger & Chuck were married the day after Melissa & Eric.  I bring this up because both weddings had similar elements and almost identical colors. In fact, Melissa graciously left the flowered arbor and some of her reception flowers and we were able to incorporate those into the flowers and decor Ginger and her talented friends had created.  I love it when that happens!  In fact, it’s not a bad idea to find out if there are weddings before or after yours and what they have planned. Sometimes with some pre-planning both events can enjoy benefits of the other or split the costs of some things that can be used twice.

Here’s the love story behind the bride & groom! Enjoy:

North meets South…
We met on May 28th, 2010.  So how does a native Tennessean meet a definite Yankee?  Mutual friends and a New York Vacation.  He was living in New York and I went there on vacation with my family and 2 girl friends.  We first laid eyes on each other Friday, spent all day together Saturday in Manhattan, and by Sunday we were both smitten.  It was basically love at first weekend.  My friends and parents had never seen me so smitten before.

The proposal…
After almost a year of quick weekend trips, late night skype sessions, and many annoying flight delays, we decided to move near each other. So he headed down south to Music City, Tennessee. After much awaited anticipation and a slow jeweler, he finally proposed on a park bench on our favorite walking trail in Percy Warner Park.  A few weeks prior he had given me a key with a sweet note that ended “P.S. You may want to hang on to this”. Apparently I’m notorious for ruining surprises so with no details he said, “it’s the only way I can surprise you”. Even though he may have been right, it was torture holding on to it. So one day while walking in the park together I noticed a box underneath a park bench. I eagerly went to open it.  It needed a key of course, which he hands over to me.  He tells me to not get my hopes up which made me so disappointed, because I thought all along the key had something to do with the proposal. As soon as I opened it I see a ring box inside. I look over at him, who by the way I had never seen so nervous before. He dropped to his knee, proposed, I said yes, and the rest is history…well, not exactly :)


Photography:  Jason Wright of Matt Phoenix Photography (

Officiant:  Tom Gridley, Father of the Groom

Florists:  Tori Aires and Jennifer Jones (friends of the bride)

Caterer:  B&C Catering

Cake:  Wendy Livingston

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