Eivar & Austin – Spt. 4, 2011 A Beautiful Rain Wedding


Eivar was a planner’s dream – a bride with a beautiful spirit, creative mind and fun personality…also one who knew exactly what she wanted, had done her research and had a family with many talents like herself.   Eivar is graphic designer and designed all the printed materials – the invitations were adorable airplane tickets and passports  (Austin is a pilot) and there were party favor coasters, cards, and more!  She even designed and made little “doggie” treat cookies.  Her aunt did an amazing job on the cakes and the candy display was beautiful.  Her mother dyed all the aqua draping we hung in the rafters.  It was spectacular and the photos despite being gorgeous do not do it all justice!

Now for the kicker – it rained! And rained and rained!  If you want to see what a wedding looks like at Front Porch Farms in the rain than this is a great example.  What you will see is a ceremony in the pavilion with a packed house of guests who traveled near and very far.  The pavilion was already set for the reception but we improvised and made a ceremony area with the hills as the backdrop.  Guests were seated at their tables and did not seem to mind. Also,  beautiful shots of the bride, groom and bridal party on the front porches and lots of fun celebrating.

Yes it rained but it was still beautiful and no one enjoyed it more than the bride herself who didn’t let the weather spoil her day or her joy in marrying the man of her dreams.  Brian and I could not have enjoyed spending this special day with Eivar, Austin and all of their family and friends!!


Catering – B&C BBQ

Flowers – Enchanted Florist

Photographer – Red Letter Days

Rentals – Southern Events and Front Porch Props


Austin and Eivar first met as seniors in high school. Although it was Eivar who initiated the spark by giving Austin her number, it was Austin’s charm and persistence that won her heart. After the young love birds graduated high school, they went off to college.  While Eivar stayed in Tennessee, Austin headed for Florida. Four years and fifty airline tickets later, they both graduated college in 2005 and their love for one another was stronger than ever.

Having the desire to serve his country, Austin joined the United States Coast Guard and entered Officer Candidate School in 2006. After seventeen weeks at OCS, Austin was back to the real world and re-united with the love of his life, Eivar. Together, they shifted into high gear and made their way to the “Big Easy” (Nawlins)!  Having so much fun experiencing life together, they decided it was time to start a family, and in January 2008, they welcomed puppy Luna into their lives. Enduring as much love for Luna as they did for each other, they welcomed a second addition, puppy McGregor aka  “Mac,” into the family clan a few months later.  Their journey as a family continued in Pensacola Florida. It was then that Austin knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Eivar and proposed to her while on Christmas vacation in December 2008 on a scenic cliff overlooking the Tennessee valleys. Not only did she say “YES,” but she also said, “it was about time!”  After eleven years of happily dating, Austin and Eivar are most certainly looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead as husband and wife.

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