Laurie & Grant – June 26, 2011

Laurie & Grant were married Sunday afternoon, June 26 at Front Porch Farms.  Laurie was a true DIY Bride. She and her lovely daughters plus some of their friends put everything together and it was beautiful. The entire day felt like setting up for a family reunion.  Everyone was happy to pitch in and Laurie did an amazing job plus still found time to glam it up for the special occasion.



Here are the details on how Laurie & Grant met (from Laurie):

It was a fortuitous April camping trip to Dale Hollow Lake with our kayaking Meetup group the day that we met. We (Laurie and Katherine) had already packed up our camping gear to return home as it was unseasonably cold the first night of camping. We paddled out across the lake in our kayaks to island-hop with our group of friends for day of fun and sun before the long drive home. As we hiked the first island, my buddy Tim noted a “straggler” just arriving back at the shore, kayak on the car. “I doubt that’s one of us”, I said, “I don’t recognize the car or ‘yak. I hope they’re not- they’ll never catch up with us!” I must’ve blinked twice and the paddler suddenly appeared via kayak on our island- I still don’t know how. I walked right up to the tall stranger and introduced myself. It was Grant. We paddled side by side that afternoon and have hardly been apart since. Oh- and the story wouldn’t be complete without two details: Grant actually rolled down a grassy hill during our picnic lunch that first day. A playful man doesn’t need a pickup line! When it came time to leave and I closed my car door on all the tightly-packed camping gear, I found myself subconsciously singing the chorus to a song written by a friend and heard last Christmas: “The wait is over, the wait is over……”
On New Year’s Eve on the remote island of Neebish in Michigan’s upper peninsula, after the toasts had been made and all had said good night, Grant proposed on the steps of my uncle’s cabin. I said yes, naturally.

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