Stacy & Justin’s Wedding

Photography by Frozen Exposure.

My one regret in planning my own wedding was thinking I didn’t need a videographer. How wrong I was! The day goes by in a blur and there are so many special moments and people that I missed and I’d give anything to have now.  There is no way you will take it all in and you can’t be everywhere at once so please consider capturing your wedding day on film – the décor, the food, the dress, the cake, the flowers..but more importantly the people who mean the most to you.  This is one home movie that you will want to see year after year.  Ammon Productions knows what they are doing and they are extremely reasonable. Angela is fabulous!  I don’t think I ever saw her sit down…she was obsessed with getting every detail of Stacey & Justin’s day and of our venue.  It’s a small expense for something so precious that will last a lifetime.

Video courtesy of Angela Parish, Ammons Production.

You can reach Angela at 615.962.5633 or at her email.

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