Erin & Ron – May 21, 2011

Title: Erin & Ron Wedding

Date: May 21, 2011

What a lovely day for a wedding! There are more details to come, but for now, here are some of many things that made Ron & Eric’s day so unique.

Many thanks to Erin Lee from The Photography Collection for these images

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Their Love Story

Ron and I met in 2007 at a Super Bowl XLI party.  I can be kind of shy upon first meeting and didn’t know many people at the party so I was very quiet.  Ron, who doesn’t know a stranger, could tell I looked uncomfortable and told his friends “I’m going to mess with her.”  He sat down next to me and the rest is history…well, not exactly.

Over the next two years, we ran into each other at a few more parties and once chatted in the cheese aisle at Whole Foods.  I always thought he was a nice guy, but never thought about dating him. After all, he had a beard and I wasn’t into facial hair.  We were friends on Facebook and some time in early 2009 we began talking via the “chat” feature.  We would sometimes spend hours messaging about the stupidest things. I think we were both just really bored at first, but as our chats continued, we started to look forward to them.  I liked that I could always make him laugh.  Somehow Ron’s love for fishing always came up in conversation.  I told him that I loved fishing and and he said he would take me any time I wanted.  “When?” I responded.  I think he was kind of surprised I actually wanted to go, but we decided to go bass fishing on April 18.

Though it is now considered our first date, neither of us really considered it to be one at the time. However after that day, I decided I “kind of liked” him.  A week later, Ron confessed he had always had somewhat of a “kindergarten crush” on me and we have been inseparable ever since.  Ron jokes “I took her fishing and she never left.”  Though I didn’t catch any fish that day, I did catch a fisherman!

Last July, In the middle of a very busy summer, Ron suggested that Saturday, July 10 be reserved for “just us.”  That Saturday he woke me up very early and told me I needed to get ready and pack a bag and a dress and that we had somewhere we needed to be.  He wouldn’t give details, but I agreed and quickly put my stuff together.  I thought maybe he was taking me on a surprise trip, but he wouldn’t answer any of my questions.  We got in the car and drove to the Franklin Farmers’ Market.  I was confused about why I needed to pack a bag for vegetables, but he then told me he had several things he wanted to do that day and one of them was the Farmers’ Market (we had been wanting to go all summer, but hadn’t the chance).  After the Farmers’ Market we got back in the car and drove to Hillsboro Village.  He took me to All Fired Up pottery painting, where we had also gone for our one-year anniversary in April.  Since it had only been a few months since our last visit, I was surprised he wanted to go again, but I wasn’t going to complain because I love artsy activities.  I chose a utensil holder to paint and Ron chose a picture frame.  We sat down to paint and while I was taking time to design my piece, Ron began painting the frame the same shade of green over and over again.  Finally after four shades of the same color, I asked if he was going to do anything else to it.  He told me not to worry about it.  Finally, he switched colors and started painting black onto the frame.  He told me not to look at it, but when he was finished he asked if I wanted to see it.  He told me to close my eyes and when I opened them the frame was in front of me and read “I love you.  Will you marry me?” and Ron was on one knee with a ring.  I said “What??” and finally said “Yes! Of Course!”  It was funny because there were a few other customers and the employees in the shop, but no one noticed what was going on.  After pottery, he continued with a “day of Nashville fun” and took me to Fido, the Frist Center, and dinner at Prime 108 in Union Station (the reason why I needed to pack a dress).  It was such a fun day and he proposed in the afternoon, giving us plenty of time to call our family and field phone calls from our friends all day.

I fell in love with Ron because of his genuine personality and extremely big heart.  He has a dozen “best friends,” is a wonderful son, and an amazing fiance.  Everyone who meets him immediately sees his honest character and caring nature.  I’m very lucky that he chose me to be his wife.  I had no idea the man of my dreams was sitting next to me that Super Bowl Sunday, but I’m so glad we had the chance to become friends first.  I can’t wait to marry him on May 21!

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