Ashley & Quinn – May 14, 2011

Title: Ashley & Quinn Wedding

Date: May 14, 2o11

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When I met with Ashley & Quinn and they wanted to book May 14th, I explained that Brian and I would not be able to be here for their wedding (due to planning Miranda and Blake’s wedding in Texas). We could do it, I would help coordinate but I’d have to hire someone to direct for the day. They agreed and things progressed. Thankfully Ashley & Quinn booked my neighbor and friend, Mrs. J’s Baking & Catering for their caterer. I knew they would be in good hands – not only is her food  fabulous and is one of our top preferred vendors, she and her husband Jay know everything about our property and everyone in the area if anything went wrong and someone had to be called.  We also had our friend James Taylor (no not the music guy) oversee production and set up and my friend/publicist Melissa Matthews direct.  Ashley not only had great style ideas but the talent to carry them off herself with her family. Ashley & Quinn were in great hands and I felt confident all would go well.

It came down to the day before and the forecast was not looking good…storm was coming while I was in Texas in sunny skies and heat.  Ashley and I talked a few times about rain plan options and the wonderful Diana Toomb at Classic Party Rentals came to the rescue with pavilion sides just in the nick of time. Having the ceremony in pavilion instead of in the front yard was made on the day of the wedding and everyone pitched in to make the change.  I was states away and so worried that Ashley would not have the day that she had hoped for. But the reports came in and all was well.   The main reason – Ashley and Quinn were flexible and they focused on what mattered most – each other, their friends and family. They might not have had exactly what they had planned but it didn’t ruin their day.

For me, I didn’t realize how hard it would be not to be there after getting to know them through the planning process. I felt like I was missing a dear friend’s wedding and I guess that’s what Brian and I love the most about doing this – we have made some great friends and memories ourselves with our Front Porch couples and their guests.  Here is a quick synopsis from the lovely bride – sent to me so I would know what I missed! Kathy

We got there at around 9 and didn’t set up til 11ish because of the tornado winds blowing. We had to rent the tent siding last minute. After that everything was ok and we started setting up and it all started coming together.

The one other thing that was stressful was that I forgot to pick up the Grooms cake the day before in Nashville. I still don’t know how I forgot!!! I was calling and calling and finally got an answer and had a friend go pick it up…thank goodness!

I was a little upset about the rain. Around 2pm it was misty and I made the decision to move it under the pavilion. I didn’t want family who had all come from so far to be wet and cold.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Quinn didn’t see me or know what I was wearing and I didn’t see him or know what he was wearing and man did he look handsome!!!! He cried more than I did in the ceremony! I was wearing his gandmothers gloves and he was so close to his grandparents so i knw that it meant a lot to him. When I walked out and saw him, I know that I had the biggest smile and i was so giddy. It was a moment I will always remember! My uncle got emotional when he came up to talk as well. Seeing all of our family and friends around us and us holding hands was amazing.

After that we did pictures and this was done very well and quick….our photographers were awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!!!!

Then It was dinner time….the food was amazing!! Everyone is still talking about it. In Quinn’s family they have so many cousins so they have been to alot of weddings and had a lot of bad wedding food. So this was one thing Quinn was very happy about and Celeste knew after Quinn came up for the third time!! I told her that boy could eat!! :)

We had our first dance, our dances with his mom and my dad. So sweet.

Our dessert table turn out so cute and everyone loved it and my aunt and grandmother did such a good job with the desserts! My grandmothers homemade jams were a huge hit!!!!!

We had dancing and everyone had a blast!! It was so much fun dancing, laughing, and just goofing off with everyone! We did our last dance and everyone circled around us to let us say goodbye. This was hard because we didn’t want it to end!

So….Besides the tornado winds, the rain, being a little cold, running a little behind and forgetting a few things it all went very well. I am proud of myself for not stressing and just going with it. I was more laid make then I thought I would have been but I think I was just so happy and thankful. It was perfect because at the end of the night we were married, all of our family was there, and we had fun!
James, Celeste and Melissa were great!!! Super duper nice!!


To see all the great things about this wedding, please visit Wedlock Images blog


Wedding Planner:                 Kathy Best
Photographers:                      Wedlock Images (Scott and Donice)
Venue:                                          Front Porch Farms
Caterer:                                       Mrs. J’s Celeste Morris
DJ:                                                  Corey Mullins
Pastor:                                         Randall Jackson
Pianist:                                       Hale White (Grooms brother)
Hair:                                             Ashlea Mullins
Day of planner:                    Melissa Matthews
Wedding desserts:              Christa Young and Elaine Parker
Rentals:                                      Front Porch Farms/Southern Events


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