Jessica & Grant – April 3, 2011

Title: Jessica & Grant Wedding – Main House
Date: 2010-04-03

Jessica & Grant had a perfect spring day for their wedding in the beautiful Tennessee countryside.  The day was full of personal touchs, Etsy finds and shabby chic details courtesy of Front Porch Farms.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy. You can catch more on Katherine Holly’s (the photographer) blog, Magnolia Pair.


Planner: Kathy Best

Officiate: Family Friend, Patrick Thurston

Glam: Bridesmaid Katrin Hoffman

Caterer: Bacon & Caviar Catering 615-319-2464.

Bartender: Bacon & Caviar Servers 615-319-2464

Photographer: Katherine Holly Photography -Holly Everett

Florist: Enchanted Florist

Music: Bluegrass Players/ Keelan Wenrich

Transportation: F.A.D.D’s Party Bus

Cake: Dulce 321-8700



Our story is one of friendship as much is it is of love.
This life-long relationship began with a special bond nearly twelve years ago.  As high school classmates we found one another and knew then that there was something special about this particular friendship.  We had no idea what we would become.  We had nights of talking that seemed to go on forever and times of silence that were so peaceful and perfect that they would stay reserved in our memories no matter what life brought to us.
As even some of the strongest of friendships do, we lost touch with one another over time.  Life managed to take us down different paths.   Ten years went by without even a word between the two of us.  There were many attempts on both of our parts to find our lost friend but none of the internet searches or calls to long forgotten phone numbers ever came with an answer.  Eventually the searches slowed – this was before the social network.
Finally, after a decade had past I hit the right button and our friendship was reconnected.  Yes, it’s true there are good things that come out of Facebook. It seemed to only take a moment.  First, a Hello, where have you been? email, then in no time a phone call to catch up, and before we knew it we were talking for hours at a time, every day never being able to get enough of one another.
Although we had reconnected and were quickly falling for one another over the phone, we had some obstacles to overcome.  Life had taken Jessica to Seattle, while I was in Kentucky.  We talked and talked and talked and we were connecting on a deeper level.  We had not laid eyes on one another in ten years but we were crazy about each other.
I had to see Jessica so I went to Seattle. Though, I was only able to stay a weekend we had the best time.   After a few weeks passed and talking all the time we knew we couldn’t let this love go.  I went back to her and at our spot over looking the mountains and the Puget Sound, I purposed.  Jess then made me the happiest man ever on this Earth by saying yes.    Jessica then made a gesture that will never be forgotten by letting go of a life she loved to be with me.  We packed her up and began across this country on a life journey together.  We drove and laughed and bonded and we both knew although it was hard that this love was real.
We both realized love is not always easy but when it’s real you hold onto it.  I found the woman that would do anything for me and I will always do the same for her.  Our love continues to grow exponentially as the minutes pass.  We lost each other once as friends but the love we have found will never be lost again

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