Katie & Amerson Hilltop Wedding

April 29, 2011            Katie & Amerson

Katie and Amerson both started medical school at the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2007. However, it wasn’t until the fall of 2008 that they found each other. Amerson began flirting with Katie in neuroanatomy lab and Katie was won over by his charm and humor. Before long, neither one could remember what it was like before they were together. It just didn’t seem possible that they ever survived that way!

The next two years flew by in blur of laughs and good times. They supported each other through the second year of med school and the misery of studying for boards and then the hectic schedules of the clinical years. They were each other’s confidant. Everything seemed to mesh amazingly well and their chemistry and similarities were ironic. They found out that Amerson had been at Yale in the spring of 2003, the end of Katie’s freshman year, to begin his Habitat for Humanity bike ride across the country. On a trip to Ammo’s grandparents’ lakehouse, they realized that Katie’s grandmother’s lake lot was the one adjacent to theirs–it was the lot that Amerson had always ridden his bike and played on growing up since Katie’s family had never built on it. Katie had become best friends with Heather (bridesmaid) at the beginning of med school and did everything with her. It was perfect then when Ammo and Nathan, Heather’s husband, hit it off and became best buds as well. The two were clearly a match made in heaven.

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