Aspen & Thomas

“Can we be together forever?” 

During the 20 months of a long distance relationship, this is the question that Aspen & Thomas kept asking each other. Now their wait is  over.

November 13, 2010 saw them celebrate their long anticipated wedding at beautiful Front Porch Farms.

The couple first met while attending UT-Martin together, but Aspen transferred out west to finish her degree and begin pursuing her career.

Ironically, Aspen and Thomas were not the first in their families to become friends.  Aspen’s maternal grandmother worked in Nashville when she was a young woman and to eliminate a long commute she lived with the parents of a good friend.  Years later in 2009 when  Aspen & Thomas began dating, the couple discovered that it was actually Thomas’ grandparents who housed Aspen’s own grandmother all those years ago!

That’s just one of the countless connections Aspen & Thomas have discovered they share…whether it’s their love for God or hunting, fishing, music (Thomas sings and plays guitar and mandolin) or it’s some ironic similarity (Aspen has 8 male relatives with the name Thomas), they both realize that “we are truly God’s gift to each other.”

Some people might think the 13th is unlucky but this bride-to-be who was born on a 13th and was proposed to on a 13th and is now getting married on a 13th, isn’t worried at all. It’s just one more confirmation her groom is meant to be the 9th Thomas in her family and the 1st one in her life.

According to Aspen,”Front Porch Farms caught my eye because it looks like a beautiful location where we can incorporate our love of the outdoors and country life with some classic charm.”

Another thing that she liked was having “a venue that will allow me to incorporate the bakery/caterer/florist that best meets the ideas we have in mind (we like to be unique!) — some of the outdoor locations I have looked at seem to only offer “cookie cutter” packages.”


Caterer:                  Mrs J’s Baking & Catering

Florist:                   Enchanted Florist

Event Stylist:       Cynthia Claud

Wedding Cake:    The Bake Shoppe

Grooms Cake:      Teresa Anderson (Thomas’ aunt)

Officiante:              Thomas Bunner

Music:                     Jon Cormack Pianist

Rachel Keener, violinist

Nashville Party Authority, DJ

Photographer:     Cheynne Ward/ Laci Wilson

Rentals:                   Southern Events

Linens:                     BBJ Linens

Event Planner:     Front Porch Farms

Wishing Tree:        Janie Reed (aunt)

Gift Wagon:           Hilary Capes Smith

Drivers:                 Joey Anderson & Aaron Johnson

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