Stacy & Brandon Wedding

Stacy & Brandon

Stacy & Brandon are from Indiana. When they contacted us about coming down to get married at our place and have dinner just the two of them, at first I thought it odd they didn’t want to include family or friends.

Brian and I come from big families who pretty much share in everything and stay in each other”s business. ha. Stacy and I worked on the details of the ceremony & dinner for two.

We selected flowers that included bright Gerber Daisies (Vintage Florals), a chicken entree with stuffed mushrooms, pasta, salad & sangria and a small wedding cake custom designed by Cakes by Shara to represent their “children” – 3 chihuahuas back home. It was so cute!

Stacy was so excited every step of the way and I secretly wished they had others coming to share the special day with…boy was I wrong!   It turned out to be the most romantic ceremony we’ve had at Front Porch Farms.

When the couple arrived they were so happy and relaxed. They had enjoyed a few days in Music City, secured their license and were ready for the big moment. Each went to change and in less than an hour they were ready. Stacy had prepared a CD of their favorite songs and she came down the staircase while Brandon waited by the fireplace. Brian was the officiant and I must say he did a great job.

It did not matter who was in the room or not, Stacy & Brandon were completely focused on each other and you could tell nothing else mattered to them but being together. Afterwards they had a great time posing for photos by Jennifer Dunaway Photography. Jennifer did a great job! Stacy & Brandon had dinner in our dining room (we stayed outside and enjoyed our own meal) and then they said their goodbyes to enjoy a carriage ride downtown before heading back to their hotel.

Their trip was short but it couldn’t have been more romantic or special – and that”s exactly how they planned it. Looking back, it isn”t odd at all to come to Nashville for a “destination” wedding and enjoy what Music City has to offer plus a romantic countryside ceremony.

Whether it”s for two or for 200, I hope we have more just like this one!

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