Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Engagement Party

Miranda has been a client of FrontPage Publicity for several years. I’ve had the pleasure of being her publicist and promoting her music from the very first Sony CD and I am so proud of all that she has accomplished. When Miranda called to say Blake proposed, I was so over-the-top excited for them. Brian & I threw them a Front Porch Farms engagement party and it was so much fun!  It was a who”s who of country music singers but even more fun than that was finally having the time to have Miranda, her manager and her parents out to the house. They have been around to hear about all the ups (our wedding)  & downs (the tornado) of our own “House That Built Me” so it was a special time.

Caprice & her team at Enchanted Florist worked her magic with the flowers and helped me with our unique vintage & shabby chic displays (only she can show me how to love deer antlers on a table top and Shannon at Chef”s Market did an amazing job creating a menu that perfectly represented the couple”s favorite foods.

Blake & Tom at Nashville Event Lighting worked hours to turn the tent, house, pool and grounds into a romantic and rustic “picnic” style event (loved the twine balls!).

Tree Paine, Blake”s publicist had custom cowhide coozies as party favors and we did special all-access keepsake laminates.

Bacardi was happy to help with the party and supply the couple & guests with 3 signature drinks including the Mirandarita & Blakarita (Rum & diet sprite) which is their drink of choice.

Det Distributing also contributed to the engagement festivities.

Rich Limousines transported guests up and down the hill who parked down below.

It wasn”t a late night as many had gigs the next day but it wrapped with some interesting interpretations of each other”s material as the pros put their pals on the spot to Karaoke compliments of Blair at Nashville Party Authority.

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