Kathy & Brian

Kathy & Brian   October 30, 2004

A wedding day is often called “your big day” and you will hear words like “magical” and “fairytale.”   We believe it’s all that but it’s much more real – it’s the very first day of your married life together and no matter what happens – rain, shine, perfect flowers or not, you want this person by your side.  Not every day of your married life will be a “fairytale” but at FrontPorch Farms, the first day will be a beautiful reminder of what matters most.

We know from experience what it takes to create an unforgettable wedding celebration that will stand the test of time and help love endure and prosper for years to come.

Several years after our vintage wedding at FrontPorch Farms, we continue to have friends & family talk of the experience and the breathtaking view from the hilltop of our 32-acre property.  Our bridal party included our own children and those of our friends and family. My son gave me away and Brian’s stood with him as “Best Men.” We wore vintage 50s attire and all rode a wagon to the ceremony site. We had old-fashioned carnival booths for the kids and a kickin live band for dancing. We even had a few of my PR clients show up to lend a hand with the vocals!

The day was incredible but I couldn’t tell you what my beautiful flowers were now and I vaguely remember what my cake flavor was.  I wish I could remember the song for our first dance! What I do remember is the feeling I had holding my husband’s hand as he walked me down the hillside knowing this was exactly what I wanted for the rest of my life.

Today, we have a three-story antebellum-style home in the exact location of where our family together began. Visitors lavish praise not only for the miles of scenic countryside seen from every direction but also the unique farm house often mistaken for a structure that surely belonged there for centuries.

Our custom built home reflects a long ago era with many special touches that capture the charm of the Old South while offering the modern luxuries that rival most homes built today. From the multiple covered porches, tin roof, hardwood floors and high ceilings to the antique chandeliers, stain glass and unique architectural pieces, beauty and romance is paired with comfort and ease so guests feel right at home.

Our common interest in the “old days” is a tribute to things that truly do last forever whether it is architecture, romance or special memories of our first day as husband and wife.

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